Write my name on your blank page

In the cold white and sterile halls of the gym, a young girl could be seen lightly running her footsteps tapping on the white floors, occasionally glancing back behind her with a nervous eye. Stopping to collect her thoughts, she leaned one hand against a door and found that her hands pushed the door slightly inward. The room was unlocked. An impulsive thought passed through her mind, and looking around her to make certain that nobody was around, she took the impulsive, opened the door and ducked inside as silently as she could.

Once inside, she found one room to be a single room that embellish with full of mirrors, well what the purpose of gym without a lot of mirrors, guess it is a dance floor for practices. A few steps taken, suddenly the footsteps stop. One word can be described, “gorgeous” came out in one breath of a young girl. Mind is blankly can’t functioning well & it seems it was in a paradise seeing one captivating handsome guy sleeping on that cold white floor.

The girl wondered if he’s a heavy sleeper until didn’t realize the presence of her around. Realization took place when she is too immersed looking for that guy for almost 10 minutes, never in her life she will looking for a person more than 3 minutes, 10 would be a new record. She’s not the type that will fall for a good look but wondering why this time is different, or maybe she is longing a love of someone. “Love my ass, you not even reach 19 and thinking about love”, the girl is monologue with herself denying the fact that she is actually longing and in a need of love for herself after years didn’t get enough love from anyone, even so called her own parents. She wondered what happen to her mom all this time.

“What are you doing here?”

She’s in a deep thought when a voice suddenly startled her from the thought she jumped a bit with the voice, while her mind can’t function just a few moments ago, now it was like the time is stop and this earth not swivel anymore. All thanks to the most captivating look in front of her right now, when he is sleeping he is perfectly gorgeous, now the subject really in front of her face showing stern but deadly handsome face. The girl admits it, he is the handsome human being she ever seen.

Try to calm down but failed when she stuttering. “I’m just lost”, she lied swiftly,

The boy looking with questioning look before asking, “Oh! and who are you?” just by looking she dressed in cleaner clothes, the guy wondering how come a very young girl work as a cleaner, by now she supposedly sleep at home to get an energy to go to school tomorrow or she is drop school just for the job she has right now but a very good features that the girl have makes him even denying the fact that she is cleaner, he can’t categorized her as pretty but cute looking girl that have a look that every guy will take a look for many times, he bet even many guys already asked her for date. He even overwhelmed by her look. He can predict she is young as below 18 years old.

The girl gathered her thoughts to give further explanation.

“I’m sorry for intruding your space, I supposedly to take a look a room to be clean for but I think this room already clean, I’ll go now”.

Before her hand reach for the doorknob, the guy suddenly stated “aren’t you are too young for this job?” I bet you’re still high schooler, isn’t study is the priority right now?” and you not even answer my question but tried to give explanation that makes you want to run away from this situation. Are you always like that? Always run from problem or situation, even worse maybe you’re run from home, ditched school and working here”.

V’s sharp tongue nonstop blabbering something about the girl without further investigation, well who didn’t know Taehyung aka V, he is well known for his sharp tongue & critics about others.

The anger inside her is boiled & very disappointed with his statement, just a moment ago she felt like meeting handsome angel but unfortunately, he is just bad than the devil itself. How come such prediction he thought about her though it just their first encounter.

Before any further notice, suddenly a big slap across V’s face, he so socked until he can’t think of anything. “That was the consequences of talking bad about me, you don’t even know me JACKASS !!!!”, the girl strikes him back with harsh words and she even emphasize the word jackass. V feels humiliated, never once in his life someone strikes him back like what the girl just did. Well, she got the guts.

Before he collects back all his thought and want to counter her back suddenly the girl replied him again. “You don’t even know me, it’s easy for you to say it but don’t you know that not everybody is lucky enough to have a good life, good education but at least I have my manners moron!! “, the girl exit and slammed the door showing her frustration towards V.


Love is what

Do you know what love is?

No actually, I don’t even know

I just don’t know

My heart is hot, it’s beating and I keep crying

What should I do?

Should I go to you and kneel before you?

I don’t even know

I keep searching for you, running, walking

But I’m in the same place’