can we get back? lol

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what shud i do

i really miss him
ohh god…at this moment
i shud olready forget him
but why da feeling comes again
i’m tired with dis feeling…

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Nae eotteohke what shud i do??

hmm,what a day right?!…i mean that day

what day? just a day where i called it just a day


in disassociation situation

i just being crazy around with my wordpress

and my android phone,huu

pfttt,so i look like in 2 different world now

yeahh,i’m the gud one when i’m in the class

wearing baju kurung,look so ayu la kan..

but when outside,me suddently change like BAD GIRL

don’t blame me,it just me…

whatsoever,who can accept me just accept me

who can’t,just let me live my live well

haha,a lot of changes happened to me now

just to mention,i’m not the gud one anymore

my behavior also depend on how people nowadays treat me

but what will change except my true one for love

My Typical Man

 Recently i always thinking

hmm,what it would be

i dunno,just confuse with these type of thing

u know that some kind of feeling that can’t be avoided

i thought it will be much better now

but what if it will be getting worse

even more worse


laugh at me lahhh

but when i was thinking about hundred times….

it just,yeahh he’s the type of my ideal man

back then i think that i didn’t even know my own ideal man

what kind of guy that i like and what he would be

i just can’t predict because i was busy not to think about it

now,i realize it…i already face the fact that he’s the ONE

He just MY TYPE


but now i just can sit and watch 

He will not be mine

even not be my friend

He will just be MY DREAM



Okay aku rindu

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when i miss u i heard that sounds like u.. :-D

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stalk,stalking,stalker…?? i gud at it??…or maybe not 

at 1st just assume i’m gud for this freaking activity..coz yahh why would i knoe someone’s social site for no reason

but often it getting worse…kyahhhh,i’m sucks….hw can i get 2 know him??

some person dat i remembered in da past as senior??? hahh,what the heck am i?

it just a long back story…or a stories?? haha,lol..i’ve got so many story hah in da past

well,should i just type here or not coz yahhh it maybe didn’t make any sense..coz we’re too young at dat time

as for me…i’m too so un-mature dat time…i just 10yo at that time..huhhhh

so,what can expect from a primary kid…not much,just being a silly sometimes..

okay,what actually this crap i’ve write about? HAHA,being maniac 2nite..